Listen to “002: The Key Lesson Our Family Dog Taught Me About Entrepreneurship” on Spreaker.

This is going to be a short but important episode. 

Okay, I’m a regular dude. I like using tools – especially power tools. 

Now, while I’m not much on doing yard work, I do like cranking up the string edger. Of course, when you edge, you create debris. And, that’s where the blower comes into play. 

Well, today, I just so happened to be out back edging. Our family dog, Cali, for California, was out back with me. But, she was on another mission – to take care of her business. Well, so I thought.

Piercing through the loud noise of the edger was Cali barking like crazy. She had placed herself in a stance as if she was challenging the edger. Now, this thing can obviously harm my dog if she got too close. So, I turned it off and grabbed the blower. 

Let me tell you, she had a good ole time running circles around me as I blew her fur. Yup, little Beyonce on stage. This little dog had the time of her life. 

And that’s when it hit me. Entrepreneurship must be fun. Yes, there will be challenging times. But on balance it must be fun. If it’s not, do something else. 

I love spotting trends and opportunities and creating businesses. It brings me immense joy. Yes, I have down moments. But, the next time I do, I will think of Cali. I can work and have fun. And I will. I hope that you will too.

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