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Warby Parker, Spanx, iPhone, Instagram, Roc Nation, Beats by Dre, SnapChat, Whole Foods, Pencils of Promise, Clutch Sports, Nike, AirBnB, Charity Water, and Uber. 

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of these brands. In fact, you probably own or have use one or more of these products and services. 

But, then there are a plethora of seven-figure blogs, podcasts, Amazon businesses, Shopify stores, and brands like Bomb’d Aesthetics and Healthish that you’ve never heard of. And, yeah, you might have bought a hair brush or bar of soap from one of these businesses and didn’t even know it. 

Now, what’s cool is, whether they are popular or not, each one of these businesses, brands and organizations was once just an idea floating in someone’s mind. Think about it. 

Some time ago, some ordinary person came up with the original idea for each of these extraordinary businesses, brands and organizations. Yeah, there were changes made to the original idea. There are always changes. But still, each was once just an idea. Just a simple idea. Yeah. 

Ah, but the difference is, the ideas didn’t stay in their minds. No, they brought them to life. Yup, regular, everyday folk brought them to life.

My point is, ordinary people create extraordinary businesses, brands, and organizations everyday. 

This means that you, yes you, can to do the same. The ability to consistently come up with great ideas is already in you. It’s just a matter of tapping into the entrepreneur inside. 

Yeah, see, I’m convinced that an entrepreneur lives inside of all of us. We were born creative thinkers. All of us. But our school system is not designed to reward creative behavior. In fact, you get punished if you color outside the lines. 

We were trained to be employees, not entrepreneurs. So, the creative side was suppressed. Ah, suppressed but not eliminated. Which means that your creative soul can be awakened. This I know for sure. 

During the past four years alone, I have taught over 58,700 people from 141 countries how to awaken the entrepreneur inside and build seven figure businesses and brands. Yup, regular, every day folk. 

Well, I created the entrepreneur inside podcast to help you awaken your creative soul and bring your ideas to life. 

Here’s how: each episode is purposely designed to help you spot trends and opportunities, generate viable ideas, create a crystal clear vision of that idea manifested, enter the right partnerships, assemble resources, and launch. 

Although I have a long history of producing highly-successful businesses and brands, I will not go it alone. I have already lined up an all star list of men and women who have awakened the entrepreneur inside. They will share their stories and strategies. 

So, tune in regularly. 

Until the next episode, connect with me personally on social. My handle is the same for all social media. It’s @dksutton. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Connect with me on LinkedIn. 

Finally, send me a DM or message if you have questions or ideas you want to discuss. 

Let’s go. Let’s awaken the entrepreneur inside and bring your ideas to life. 

This is Dwayne K. Sutton. Until the next episode, take good notes, take massive action, and take care of you and yours.